Daniel Detox – Day 2 of 10: What I Did Not Expect

We made it to day 2 of our Daniel Detox. My hunky husband is struggling … he just walked to the cabinet looking for a snack, grabbed a jar of peanut butter and murmured, “What? Peanut butter has sugar?” He shoved it back onto the shelf and picked up the jar of Nutella. “This has sugar too? Geez.” He slammed the cabinet closed and walked away with some dry roasted peanuts, looking very disappointed. He mentioned earlier today that he could really use a bowl of ice cream, then groaned in agony when our son walked into the living room with a package of Oreos.

I just laughed. He rolled his eyes and said in a mocking tone, “‘Do the detox with me’, she said. ‘It’ll be great!’ she said.”

With all his joking around aside, I’m grateful. It’s really been fun to have someone do something like this with me … he cares enough about my health frustrations and believes in me so much that he’s not only cheering me on, but participating with me.

I didn’t feel the loss of sweets until I was cleaning up our bedroom and found this hiding on the floor in a corner …

Y’all don’t understand … these things are my WEAKNESS. They are chocolate-covered temptations in a deceptive little wrapper. I totally stole three of them … THREE … from my children after gifting it to them in their stocking. And that was AFTER I’d already eaten my own share.

Anyways …

It was nothing but leftovers today … steak fajitas marinated in lava for lunch. It was just as hot as it was yesterday! Lettuce wraps for dinner. I don’t recall ever intentionally trying kale before, so I made a kale salad with fresh dressing, a recipe I found in The Daniel Plan Cookbook. I took one bite and nearly dropped the bowl … it was divine. Incredible. Mouth-watering. I asked Kris to try some, and he had to swallow fast before he spit it out. To him, it was awful. He’s also not ventured very far from the classic Caesar or Ranch salads. But hey, at least he eats salads!

Two things I didn’t expect: One, I woke up this morning with sore joints. My fingers, spine and knees to be specific. When I’ve had a gluten exposure, the inflammation makes my joints swell up within hours, and it lasts for many more hours, but I usually feel it in my fingers and hips (oddly) more than anything else (the other symptom being that it feels like I’m digesting shards of glass through my intestines). This feels different … almost like a sensation of retaining water or something. I’ve been drinking a TON (trust me, I’ve been tracking it in my handy-dandy Wellness Planer I got from Aldi for $7, cha-ching!).

This is the photo I took and sent to my sister when I bought the planner, on a VERY rainy day. 😀

I read that it’s a normal symptom of detoxing. So … maybe it’ll be better tomorrow. I’m just going to keep drankin’ and eating amazing foods!

Two, I don’t hate all the food prepping and cooking. Anyone who knows me, knows that cooking is a chore to me. It’s just one more thing I need to take care of in the day. That inevitable 5:00 pm question of “What’s for dinner?” makes me need to take slow, deep breaths because my answer is usually, “I haven’t even thought about it.” Even when I’m on top of meal planning, it’s still something I dread. I don’t even know why.

My husband can get into the kitchen and spend an hour cooking an incredible meal from scratch and enjoys every bit of the chopping and sauteing. I, on the other hand, feel irritated as I pop a jar of spaghetti sauce and dump in into a pan.

This has been different, though. I’ve so very much enjoyed the freshness, the colors and textures. So far, every meal has been worth every minute, and every ounce of energy. It’s so satisfying to know that the meal that’s being served is a healthy one.

Because I’d already knocked 0ut caffeine from my daily routine, the lack of it hasn’t been a problem … but I do very much miss the taste of coffee. After Day 10, the first thing I plan to do is sip and savor a glorious cup of joe.

I’m going to bed now to rest my sore knees. See ya tomorrow on Day 3.

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