Daniel Detox – Day 3 of 10. Craving SNACKS!

Yesterday I posted about having some soreness in my knees and fingers. I felt it in my spine, too, and was pretty sore by the time I got into bed last night. I woke up with most of the soreness and all of the stiffness gone! I feel great, actually. My husband and I talked about how we both feel lighter. He said he felt he’d lost a couple of pounds already, and that’s when he said, “I probably should have weighed before we started this.”

What?? Oh well. He’s already a lean guy … I’m sure he’ll be pleased with whatever the results are.

I personally feel lighter, and not icky at all. Instead of feeling like I have sludge working through my veins like I did around the holidays from all the rich foods, I feel … just … healthier. It’s weird. But I like it.

The biggest hangup for today is craving sweet snacks … I mean, we’ve only gone three days without sweets. How are we craving them so badly? It’s not like we gobble candy every single day … we probably only have a sweet treat every few days, anyway. I guess it’s just a matter of craving what you can’t have.

We’re seeing sweets everywhere, in everything.

We went to church this morning, and I skipped on my usual coffee from the little machine in the foyer. I usually add sugar and cream as a treat … normally I put stevia and half-and-half in my coffee to cut down on the sugar. It didn’t take much willpower to ignore it altogether, because I was in a rush to get to the 4th grade classroom where I was asked to be a sub at the last minute for their sick teacher. Wouldn’t you know … the lesson was about Saul, who encountered Jesus on his way to Damascus, and he was blinded. We learned that Damascus is the capital of Syria, and a typical Syrian food is pita bread and hummus. The kids were given a snack of pita chips, the cinnamon and sugar kind. CINNAMON AND SUGAR, y’all. Then when the lesson was over, the kids got a single item from the treasure box … every one of them except my own son picked a piece of candy. One girl even held hers up and said, “These two are stuck together … can I just have both?” They were jolly ranchers. My mouth watered. I had to swallow twice before answering with a weak yes.

When my husband and I picked up our younger son from his class, he ran up to Kris with a half-eaten doughnut and said, “Here! Hold this! I’ll finish it in a minute!” Kris gave me the side-eye, clenched his jaws and flared his nostrils. Obviously, he really wanted to stuff the thing into his mouth right then and there.

After church, my mother-in-law took the kids to Jack’s while Kris and I headed home to cook lunch. We had fun in the kitchen together, following recipes and making some lemon herb chicken breast with herb roasted baby potatoes and cauliflower. While it cooked, we turned on the XBOX One, like all good, mature parents, and played our sons’ Lego Worlds game. And like all good, mature parents, we continued to play even after our kids got home. They were in agony for a good twenty minutes watching us play their game.

I took a nice, long nap like I often do on Sunday afternoons, and woke up with a craving.

Reese’s Christmas Trees.

I came into the living room and announced to Kris that I had to have some Christmas Trees. Or else I would die. He snarled at me for throwing the wrapper to a Reese’s Christmas Tree in the bathroom trash can, where it just sat on top of the tossed tissues, taunting him.

“Did you notice that we still have a bag of Hershey’s kisses on the top of the fridge?” Kris said. ” I could really use some chocolate too right now … Can I not have ice cream?”

No. We vowed not to cave. Just a few more days … we can make it.

He chewed on some peanuts and swallowed them with resentment. I fixed myself a kale salad (which is quite tasty … but didn’t satisfy like chocolate).

We did discuss what our first “treat” would be after the 10 days. His pick is ice cream, and mine is a cup of coffee with cream and sugar. We talked about limiting treats like that to twice per week from now on, that way it stays in moderation where it belongs.

After the boys went to bed, Kris and I continued our good, mature parenting and turned Lego Worlds back on. Wouldn’t you know … at the start of the game, it dropped my character right in the middle of a decadent Candy Land, with massive lollipops, overturned ice cream cones, mountains of whipped cream and rivers of pink liquid. There were gingerbread houses thick with icing on top, and gingerbread men running around with pies in their hands. There were even chocolate hills.

I ran out of the Candy Land, mouth watering, and into a murky swamp.

Tomorrow is our first day back to school, and I can’t wait. I feel fresh and energized. Which leads me to mention two more unexpected things:

One, I’ve had an abundance of energy. Every single diet, and I mean every single one, resulted in massive brain fog, severe fatigue, and deep, annoying hunger. I homeschool my kids, y’all. The LAST thing I need is brain fog and fatigue. That’s a big reason why every diet attempt I’ve made for the last several months have resulted in a big fat failure. I absolutely will not sacrifice my own mental clarity and energy levels, which ultimately sabotages a good school day for us. This has been different, though. I haven’t had a single bit of brain fog. I joke about craving sweets, but otherwise haven’t been ravenously hungry like before. Every diet attempt before resulted in me heading straight to the kitchen and bingeing for an hour just to make the brain fog and fatigue stop. I haven’t felt compelled to do that a single time.

Two, I’ve kept a cleaner kitchen. I know this sounds crazy, but for some reason, all this extra effort I’ve put into cooking nutritious stuff has also led to disciplined kitchen-duty on my part. All the chopping and cooking leads to a massive amount of dirty dishes, so I’ve been running two loads of dishes per day. Oddly, it hasn’t been daunting. On the contrary, I’ve somehow kept a cleaner kitchen as a result.

I can’t wait to see what Day 4 brings, and I especially can’t wait to see whether or not I get that 2:00 post-school droop in energy.

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