Daniel Detox – Day 4 of 10. More Reese’s Christmas Trees! AGH!

We made it to the end of day 4! We had leftovers from the weekend so my husband had plenty to take to work for lunch.

Once he got there, the problems began. I received this text not long after he got to work:

A long week, indeed. 😆 I swear the little peanut butter goodies are haunting us.

It was the first day back to school for us homeschoolers. The boys were actually excited. My youngest, who is five, woke up around 7 am. He drifted to the couch in the living room where he snuggled his stuffed animals and stared into space. When he asked to play a game on my phone, I told him no, because it was a school day (a rule we established many moons ago). I enthusiastically reminded him that it was the first day back to school! Then whisked off to the kitchen to make a muffin recipe.

Noticing that he didn’t react, I watched him from the kitchen window that opens into the living room. He looked … concerned. This rarely-quiet-child was silent, and he fidgeted with the zipper on his Minecraft pj’s.

“What’s the matter, buddy?” I asked him.

“Mom,” he said, his voice crackling from sleep. “Can we keep going to homeschool?”

“What do you mean?”

“Like daddy goes to work away from our home. Do we have to go to school away from our home?” He pivoted his little head and looked at me with giant blue eyes. “Why can’t we keep going to homeschool, instead?”

“We are going to homeschool, buddy. I don’t know what you mean.”

He burst out in a grin. “Oh! When you said it was the first day back to school, I thought you meant we were going to start going to school away from our home!”

I assured him that homeschooling was still the plan. He looked relieved, and his joyful glow returned. That’s when my heart filled up to overflowing.

They love it,I thought. I had wondered, really wondered, how much they loved it. I mean, I know every day isn’t going to be blissful fun, but I don’t want them to hate it. The whole point of homeschooling them is to create an environment that encourages a love for learning. At the very thought of no longer homeschooling, Caleb looked pretty devastated.

Thank you, God.

I came back into the living room and kissed his dimpled cheeks about a dozen times before I went back to the kitchen and tackled a Daniel Plan blueberry muffin recipe. It used applesauce, no sweetener, a handful of eggs, and REAL blueberries among other interesting ingredients. No dairy (because DF means dairy free, not “Daniel Fast”, right? geez … ). No gluten. I was so excited.

When my oldest son got up, I was in the living room being silly with Caleb, who had asked about six times already when his brother would be getting up. The moment Wesley walked into the room, with glorious bedhead, narrow eyes, and a little smile, Caleb and I shouted at the same time, “YAY!!” He thought it was pretty funny that we’d practically celebrate his awakening.

While they retreated upstairs to the schoolroom to play Lego’s, I took out the muffins, and waited about ten seconds for them to cool. I was so excited about trying one, I knew I would just have to hasafashafsas till I could chew it.

I had high hopes, after all the other recipes that came out so delicious. My hopes were immediately dashed. HARD. First of all, the thing wasn’t even sweet. That applesauce did nothing. The almond flour gave it the texture of cornbread. The best part was the gooey blueberries, and I didn’t have to bake up a muffin to eat those!

Regardless, I was hungry. So I grabbed another one. I crumbled it out into a bowl and grabbed the applesauce, dumping out a generous amount on top. May as well. I jabbed a forkful into my mouth and … oh … my … goodness. It was delicious. It suddenly turned into a fresh, warm cobbler in my bowl.

I proceeded to eat three more throughout the day. (… and yet I have the audacity to wonder how I packed on ten pounds in two months in the first place).

In my last post I’d mentioned that I wondered if I would get the typical 2:00 pm homeschool droop in energy, considering the odd abundance of energy I’d had in the last couple of days. I actually didn’t get the 2 pm droop! I got the 3 pm droop, instead.

Oh well.

When Kris came home from work, he said, “Do you understand how difficult it is to sit with a box of Dr. Peppers at your feet, and spotting those dang Christmas Trees every time you opened your desk drawer??” I laughed and turned away. A few seconds later, I caught a massive whiff of chocolate. I turned, ready to bite into wherever it was coming from.

Kris stood next to me clutching a Hershey’s chocolate syrup bottle, the cap flipped open, and was blowing the scent into my face.

“You … yooouuu!” I said, slamming my fists onto my hips as all decent words left my vocabulary.

Kris trotted away, laughing, and said, “Now you know what it’s like!”

“Evil,” I said, trying to hide my smile. “Pure evil.”

Day 4 is done, and a success. Tomorrow will be the halfway mark. YAY!!

I learned another unexpected thing today:

My kids will eat vegetables as long as they are chopped finely enough.

Tonight for dinner we had a Daniel Plan recipe for Thai-inspired stir-fry. As I sauteed the veggies and chicken in a wok, I told Kris that I was expecting to be disappointed with this recipe. The only seasoning was soy sauce. No other flavors added.

He came into the kitchen and inspected the wok, stirring the contents. “It doesn’t need any seasoning when it has all this! Look at all the color. With a mixture of these vegetables, you won’t need any seasoning.”

I was worried how it would turn out, because I went a little overboard with my little chopper … it’s a small, enclosed plastic jar-like thing with three *very* sharp blades on the inside. You drop the vegetables in, close the lid, and pull a string much like a lawn mower to chop the stuff into bits. I had too much fun cranking the veggie mower, and nearly pulverized to a liquid all the vegetables. It turned out to be a good thing.

I tossed it over rice and served it to the kids, just knowing they would complain (they hate every vegetable except broccoli, and they only tolerate very little). To my shock, they loved it! They ate up their little bowl fulls, gave me a thumbs up, and GET THIS … ASKED ME TO COOK IT MORE OFTEN.

Gimme a second while I wipe my tears … I have … sudden allergies or something …

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