Daniel Detox – Day 6 of 10. Candyland, Of Course

We’re on the second half of our journey, and I’m feeling so, so great! If anything, these last few days have shown me what I’m capable of in terms of self-control, discipline, and taking care of myself. I always made up excuses such as, “I don’t have time.” Or “I’m not sure where to start.” I can’t tell you how many diets and changes I’ve tried over the years, and I would get down to my last ten pounds, and still not be able to reach my goal. Every single effort has been torture, and I looked desperately for some kind of “ending” to it so that my life could go back to normal.

Well, this just feels normal. Because the main focus is health and not weight loss, I’m realizing why past diets and efforts have been so difficult … my goal was too weight-focused. It was a recipe for burnout. It happened every single time.

The irony continues however … today during our homeschool hours, my 3rd grader was taking a test. So I sat on the floor with my kindergardener and told him to pick a game to play off the game shelf. He went over to the shelf and scanned the boxes carefully, selected one, then came back and joined me on the floor. He placed between us Candyland.

photo by John Morgan

“Really??” I said, and the boys laughed. “Daddy and I are on a special diet, and you pick Candyland??” Oh he was so very pleased with himself.

In all seriousness, despite the fact that sweet treats keep being presented right in front of me in such an enticing way, I haven’t been tempted to cave. It’s been an eye-opener.

We took an extended lunch break as I cooked an Asparagus Creme Soup recipe. Let me just tell ya, I am in loooooove with creamy soups. It’s one of my favorite things about fall and winter. Some girls can’t wait to get out their cute boots at the first sign of fall. I can’t wait to have a good, creamy soup. So I had my heart set on this recipe. The picture looked so tasty … it was a pretty bowl of seafoam colored goodness. I noticed right away that it seemed to call for a lot more split peas than asparagus, but whatever. I’m not a chef … I’m just a mom.

I chopped and simmered that thing, running up and down the stairs from the school room to the kitchen to stir it every six minutes, like a good little rule follower. I used my immersion blender, and even though it still looked pretty chunky, I was too excited to wait any longer. I put a couple of scoops into a bowl and sat down to enjoy it.

It was a little disappointing at first … it doesn’t taste like asparagus at all. It was just the strong flavor of split peas. I like split pea soup, don’t get me wrong … it just wasn’t at all the asparagus creme I was expecting. It was still delicious, though, and filling. I had apparently undercooked it because some of the peas were still a little chewy. But overall, it was very satisfying. I’ll probably make it again.

When Kris came home from work, he reported a successful day, as well! He’d gone to a nearby store within walking distance from his building looking for healthy snacks. He had the goal of unsweetened raisins, but they were completely out. Poor guy just can’t catch a break! He looked cute though in his new clothes he got with Christmas money … anyways, it made me feel so happy when a coworker complimented him on how delicious his lunch smelled. It was the leftover stir fry from two nights ago!

We’ll be headed to church tonight so we’ll be having an early dinner of Mongolian Beef. You read that right … It’s a Daniel Plan recipe with all healthy ingredients! This time, my husband is cooking, and as I type this, I can hear him downstairs in the kitchen with the boys. Apparently they’re helping him cook, and he’s showing them how to measure the ingredients, and teaching them about how to follow a recipe.

Gosh I love that guy.

On the Daniel Plan, there are five “essentials” that the book encourages to focus on: Faith, Food, Focus, Fitness and Friends. Now that we’re halfway through our detox, I took some time to fill them out today, mindful of what comes next. I haven’t been exercising, possibly because I’ve been so focused on getting the food part of things right. I’ll share my five essentials in another post after the 10 days are compete.

Anyway, see you tomorrow on Day 7! Thanks for reading!

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