There have been some pleasantly surprising things that have happened these last few days. Today, the one that really got me was the increase in self control.

Now, yesterday I blogged about the temptation to binge. It had me in a serious vice until I distracted myself with trying to tackle the mountain of clean laundry that needed to be folded, hung, and put away. But I’m still not having a preoccupation with food, necessarily … I guess because there’s been a plan for each day, I haven’t had to think about it much. It also helps that it’s been really delicious stuff, so I haven’t had an unsatisfying breakfast or lunch that had me reaching for something more pleasant once the meal was over.

It struck me particularly today as I grabbed leftover stir fry to heat for lunch. I noticed that the amount in the bowl was enough for a very large portion, or for two small portions. Normally, I would just go for the large portion so that I can clear that space in the fridge and clean the bowl. This time, I opted for one of the two smaller portions, and added a scrambled egg into it. It was the perfect amount. I wasn’t full, but wasn’t left hungry. Just … satisfied.

One major thing I hoped to accomplish through these 10 days is better self-control regarding food, particularly over the anxiety binge-urges. Yesterday, I defeated that with no problem. It wasn’t has hard as I thought it would be once I got effectively distracted. I ended up with a pretty severe headache yesterday and today, but that could easily be blamed on the heavy, bad, crazy weather that’s been looming.

I wondered if the increased self-control is due to being just plain satisfied. I haven’t gotten hungry between meals very much. I also know that a good meal is planned just ahead, so I haven’t had any desire to seek out instant-gratification unhealthy snacks.

I also haven’t had the strong sugar-cravings (despite how I’ve been joking about the sweets). In all seriousness, it’s been not only manageable … it’s been practically non-existent. I struggled with craving snacks on day 3, but that’s also the day that I decided it would be a good idea to allow myself two good sweet treats per week, likely on Mondays and Fridays. May as well bracket that weekend. 😁 Friday nights are usually movie nights for Kris and me after the boys go to bed, so we usually grab a treat while watching a movie. As far as Monday … who wouldn’t need a good treat at night after Monday? It’s … well … Monday.

My next plan I’d like to set up is a fitness plan. I’ve already made a sweet-treat plan, weight loss plan, and food plan (Daniel Plan!). Now I need to get serious about fitness goals. But … that’s for another post.

We’re one more day closer to weigh-in day.


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