Daniel Detox – Day 10 of 10. We made it! Did Taste Buds Change?

The 10-Day Daniel Plan Detox was a huge success! I can’t believe it went so well, and I can’t thank my husband enough for going through this with me. I weighed and took measurements before the detox, and I’ll be doing the same thing in the morning. I thought it might be fun to see if there would be any physical changes in 10 days.

We went to church this morning, and again I held my breath as I walked by the deliciously-smelling coffee machine. When we walked into our classroom, I was hit with a dozen mouth-watering scents of various breakfast items. I’d completely forgotten it was Breakfast Sunday for our class. There were egg sausage casseroles, sweet croissants, and delectable other things that I couldn’t bear to observe as I took my seat. I whispered to my husband, “You can call it if you want to. Go fix a plate. You deserve it.”

He shook his head. “I’m holding out.”

I was so grateful. When church was over, we came home to cook our lunch instead of grabbing lunch out like we usually do. We made herb chicken with rosemary baby potatoes, and I had a side-salad. Immediately after lunch, I went to our room to change clothes so that I could go grocery shopping for the coming week. Kris followed me into the bedroom.

“I think I’m going to call it now,” he said. “I’d really like to have some of those Reese’s Cups.”

I gave him a dramatic gasp. “But it isn’t even night time yet! I thought you were at least going to wait until tonight!” He gave me a smirk and a glare, and left the room. He had made it this far … he could make it until tonight.

I left for my grocery trip and came back tired and happy. The alone time was lovely, and I listened to my favorite true crime podcasts in the car. Kris and the boys helped me carry the grocery bags into the kitchen.

“Dad had like ten Reese’s Cups!” Wesley said. “There were candy wrappers everywhere!”

I burst out laughing. Kris argued that it was only a few. “How was it?” I said. “Was it magical?”

He shrugged. “It actually wasn’t that good.”

I stopped and turned to him. “What?”

“I don’t know. They just didn’t taste as good as they used to. It was weird. It was just kind of … meh.”

I couldn’t believe it. The Daniel Plan book said that your taste buds reset after ten days, which is why they chose ten days to be the length of time to detox and refrain from sugar. When I explained that to Kris, his eyebrows lifted. “I believe it. It just wasn’t as good as it usually is.”

In the morning, I have a cup of coffee with almond milk creamer and an Almond Joy all planned out. Now I wonder … will they taste as good as they used to?

photo by Jessica Lewis

On the Daniel Plan, there are five “essentials” that the book encourages to focus on, and set goals by:

  • Faith – Time spent with God
  • Food – What you eat
  • Focus – Mental health
  • Fitness – Physical activity
  • Friends – Community to go through the plan with

For the Faith essential, I set a goal of one hour each morning in quiet time with God. Normally I get up at 5:30 a.m. and listen to a sermon audio, or watch a sermon video, because I’ve had a hard time reading the Bible without falling asleep on the pages. Sounds terrible, but hey … I’m just being real. The last few months have been radically different though. I’ve had an insatiable thirst to study the scripture deep and raw, discovering for myself the wonder and the beauty of the Word. I can’t describe to you the transformations in my own faith that have taken place just studying, chapter by chapter. When I took on the book of Daniel, I was so fascinated by his pure obedience and discipline that led to his 10-day vegetable and water fast. That’s what ultimately led me to the Daniel Plan in the first place.

For the Food essential, I set the goal of continuing to eat the way I am now, but allowing sweet treats twice per week. I think if I know that the treats are part of the plan, it will cut back on temptations to binge on sweets, or will cut back on the volume in general. Cooking with milk and butter will be fine, but I’ll definitely use healthy oils the vast majority of the time. Plus, I have a brand new air fryer, and it’s going to be a whole new element of fun for cooking. My mother-in-law gave me an air fryer recipe book for Christmas, and I can’t wait to try some of those recipes.

For the Focus essential, I drew a blank. Anxiety is a monster, and I’m taking measures to reduce it however possible. Daily Bible study goes a long way, as well as daily exercise. An increase in faith habits is the best anti-anxiety out there, because anxiety, for me, is both a habit and a lack of faith. Think about it … anxiety is the opposite of faith, and where there’s an abundance of anxiety, there’s not near enough faith. Besides a Sunday afternoon nap, I really don’t have specific plans regarding mental health.

Fitness is a fun essential … I’ll start a 5K running program. Oh, I can’t WAIT to get back to running. After a month of running I’ll incorporate some strength training, and I’d love to set a goal of twice-per-month hiking trips.

The Friends essential is a big deal to me. My husband helped me through these 10 days just by simply joining me. I plan to invest more time in my relationships, have family and friends over for dinner more often (why not invite them over on Sundays after church?) and be an example to our boys for how to nurture relationships.

That’s it for today!! Tomorrow I’ll weigh, and post stats! EEK!

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