Freedom Day! Stepping On the Scale, Coffee and Treats, and My Daniel Plan Moving Forward

We made it! We made it!

Today is the first day following the conclusion of the 10-Day Daniel Detox. All in all, it was a huge success! I was super-nervous when I stepped on the scale because I was so afraid that there wouldn’t be any change, or *gasp* I could have possibly even gained! I was THRILLED with what I saw.

There was a total of 5 pounds lost!! My goal for the whole month of January was 5 pounds. This goal was achieved after just 10 days of the detox. I am SOLD on this plan!

The first thing I did this morning was get up early, and brew a pot of coffee (half decaf and half regular, as I used to do, due to a heart condition aggravated by too much caffeine). I got my spot on the couch settled with my Bible and a library-rented commentary (one of these days I’m going to buy one for myself). I got out my immersion blender and prepared to froth almond milk for my coffee. Y’all, I researched milk frothing for an hour the other night, preparing for this day. I was so excited.

I put the milk in a tall cup, and hoped like crazy it wouldn’t be too loud for the sleeping members of my family. I put the blender in, turned it on, and … immediately unplugged it and took it into the laundry room, shutting the door behind me. It was so loud in the silent house! But I was determined to have my frothed milk. Crouching on the floor, I plugged in the blender and got to work. When the milk was about double its size, the coffee was done, and ready for the perfect cup. I added stevia, instead of sugar, and thought it would compensate well for the Almond Joy I had prepared.

I didn’t really see these treats as “undoing” what I had accomplished during the detox. I had already decided to allow two sweet treats per week – Mondays and Fridays. This would be my Monday treat. That first sip of coffee was pretty glorious. I’d made it a little too strong (maybe a little over-zealous in the preparation), and the Almond Joy was great. Not magical … just, mediocre. Meh. I was very strongly tasting the bitterness of the stevia, however, so I added a half-teaspoon of sugar to my coffee (again, it’s part of the treat for the day), and that made it better.

When my husband woke up thirty minutes later, he asked me how I felt about the Reese’s Cups. I told him I’d only had the Almond Joy, so he asked me to try one of the mini cups. So I did. Again … mediocre. I tried a Reese’s Christmas Tree. It was good, but just generally unimpressive. I was caught between bored with my treats, and kind of astounded. Normally, I’d gobble up all three Christmas Trees without hesitation and would savor every bite. I told Kris I could just have easily gone without it.

And then, I was wishing pretty badly I’d gone without it. Deep nausea suddenly hit me. It felt like my stomach had pitched upside down. I quickly reheated the leftover baby potatoes from the night before, hoping a “proper” breakfast would help settle the yuck. It did help, but the a second problem began after another thirty minutes.

My heart began racing out of my chest, pumping so hard I could hear my own pulse in my ears, and my hands began to tremble. I mean, this is the amount of coffee that I’d previously determined was fine, and didn’t seem bothersome to my heart. Today, however, it had an adverse effect. I t made me feel extremely dizzy, and I did’t like it at all. Every few minutes, I felt equivalent to an adrenaline rush, followed by an uncomfortably racing, pounding heart.

Nope, I’m done. And to top it off, I’d gotten a brand new bag of coffee yesterday at Aldi, and had opened it fresh today. Looks like I’ll be giving it to a neighbor or tossing it.

Now, over three hours later, my heart is still racing, I’m still shaky, still dizzy, and my stomach is still feeling very nasty.

I’m 100% positive that even a little caffeine contributes to a sense of anxiety, so … as I stated in my last post, I’m being conscious of what contributes to anxiety. It looks like I’ll be avoiding caffeine. I can’t wait to see how much that will help anxiety. Thank you, God, for showing me all of this!

Ultimately, here’s what I attribute to success for this plan:

  • God. I mean, this on is obvious. Taking care of the vessel God gave me is my primary motive, and I prayed over this endeavor throughout the whole thing. Jesus is the answer to everything.
  • “Secret Sauce”. This is something I’ve always underestimated when it came to weight loss. The Daniel Plan says that doing this with friends is the “secret sauce” of success. It’s totally true. I thought maybe it required gathering a group of women to do this with me … and where would I find that? All my friends have their own lives, their own plans, their own goals and ways of doing things. How would I convince anyone to do this with me? So … I asked my husband. Without hesitation, he jumped right on board with me (likely regretting it by day 3). He stuck with it, we encouraged each other, and I’m pretty sure we both would have quit by day 8, declaring that we “get the picture” and there was no reason to continue on such a stringent plan for two more days. We stuck it out, and we’re both so proud.
  • Staying on-plan. We didn’t cheat. We went all the way, completely through. It’s been a very, very long time since I’ve followed through with any kind of eating plan (for reasons I’ve stated before). This one just plain worked. Which brings me to my last attribution …
  • It was the best fit. The Daniel Plan is, without a doubt, the plan that just plain works for us. The Detox-stage of the plan challenged my thinking about cooking and about food in general. It challenged my attitude about cooking and food, as well. It also challenged me spiritually, all in good ways. Every diet claims to be a “lifestyle” change sustainable for life, but I’ve found not a single one of them to be true. For me, anyway. The Daniel Plan, however, is most certainly one I can sustain for life. Now that the Detox is over, we can incorporate the foods we abstained from back into our diet, but with HUGE changes. Believe me, it will be definitely be within moderation. Also, the foods added back in will be on a “trial” basis … if it has negative effects, I’ll stay away from it completely.

Now, it’s time to begin the Daniel Plan, which is the plan that continues for life. The majority of the time, we will simply eat wholesome, fresh foods the way we’ve done on the Detox. I haven’t even been tracking calories. The plan calls for the “Daniel Plate” for each meal, a smartly-portioned method for viewing each meal:

Now, I’ll be honest … I really don’t see how this could be feasible for every single meal. I can be very black-and-white with this kind of thing. I wanted to shake the book and say, “So what exactly are the rules? Tell me the exact plan!” Maybe that’s the beauty of this plan, though … its flexibility. I mean, if I want an omelet for breakfast, I don’t see how vegetables can make up half of that meal. It makes sense, however, if you think about it in terms of how your food looks for the entire day. It especially makes sense when I’m making a dinner plate.

The book has a great 40-day meal plan that allows you to adhere to this perfectly. Following a pre-made meal plan is too complicated for me. However, reading over it did give me a good idea for how to plan my own days, however. It helped me “get it”.

The Daniel Plan is definitely my plan going forward … not as a temporary diet, but as a positive habit.

8 thoughts on “Freedom Day! Stepping On the Scale, Coffee and Treats, and My Daniel Plan Moving Forward

  1. It is great that you decided to turn a diet into a habit. It sure makes you feel in control of what you eat. Flexibility is definitely important.
    I love that you got to complete the plan with your husband. It makes a lot of difference. I would probably be a lot slimmer if I can get my husband to complete a diet plan with me🤭

    1. Ha! Thanks. He’s great motivation! And he’s so funny and fun. I was surprised when he said “yes” to doing this with me because he does not diet!! … Must have caught him At a perfect moment. By day 3 I’m pretty sure he was regretting it. But in the end he learned so much, and tried new things he wouldn’t have otherwise!

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