My Secret Weapon for Housework Productivity

There’s binge eating. Binge watching. Binge listening.

We live in a binge culture.

We’re three days until Christmas Day, and I’m binge cleaning. The spic-and-span status is successful so far (how’s that for alliteration?). It’s actually enjoyable, thanks to my secret weapon: Podcasts.

I’m just tackling the living room today. A whole day dedicated to getting just one room clean. It’s literally taking me all day.

Why? Because as soon as I started picking up this morning, I paused long enough to play video games with the boys, then made them breakfast.

About the time I got random candy wrappers picked up from their stash they caught at a recent parade, they needed help getting dressed.

I made a couple of phone calls, paid a couple of bills, answered a few urgent emails, and started again.

About the time I got traction on cleaning, it was lunch time. The boys wanted a picnic outside … And who can say no to that?

I spent longer than I intended out there, because I just couldn’t resist these dirty cheeks.

Yesterday I did the same thing, in my bedroom where you had to follow a trail to get from the door to the bed. It’s spotless now, and slightly rearranged. Although I HATE housework, I absolutely enjoyed doing this because it was my time to get caught up on my favorite podcasts.

Listening to podcasts while I work keeps my racing brain preoccupied so that the rest of me can switch to autopilot and get things done. Without podcasts, I overthink the best approach to getting the room cleaned in a way that won’t waste too much time, and I end up wasting too much time overthinking it all.

Podcasts get me moving.

I would love to have the living room presentable for Santa, so I guess I better turn my podcast app back on and get to it!

Here’s a great podcast on decluttering at the speed of light. Just go to your favorite podcast app and type into the search bar “A Slob Comes Clean”, or click here to be taken directly to her website:

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