Writing at the Speed of Life

Where do you write?

It’s not as common as asking HOW you write … But it’s relevant.

There are so many things I’m finally allowing myself to enjoy at the ripe old age of 38 … Like stickers all over my planner. Painting my nails on a regular basis. Getting more sleep.

Also … allowing myself to write EVERYWHERE.

Outside on the deck. In the driveway. In the yard. At the park. Inside at my upstairs desk. Kitchen table. Bed. Couch. Floor. At the little table under my son’s bunk bed.

For so many years I’ve been trying to make myself find the perfect writing place. That consistent location and time that I can rely on day after day. But you know what? I absolutely LOVE for things to be new every day. My always-logical, routine-is-the-best-way husband scratches his head at this. It’s funny when we talk about it.

So I’m allowing myself freedom. And I e been writing up a STORM because of it.

I finally stopped trying to find that consistent time of day and place that is perfect for writing. Instead, I write with the speed of life.

It’s so much more fun this way!!

3 thoughts on “Writing at the Speed of Life

  1. To write at the speed of life, I love it. I usually like to write first thing in the morning while drinking coffee and still not fully awake for the world. It’s when words and stories comes easy. Lunch breaks to escape the craziness of work is another fav time and last, before sleeping. Though really, inspiration can happen anytime, anywhere. Thanks for sharing inspiration and positivity.

    1. Those are perfect times to write, and for perfect reasons! My favorite way to write is with earbuds plugged in while the rest of the household is asleep, so early morning or late at night. But as a homeschool mom the lack of sleep really got to me. So I’m adapting. ❤️

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