A Poem about Motherhood

My eyes are empty, round voids in their place.
So weak, I’m shaking
But I won’t slow down my pace.

There are two small humans that depend on me,
So despite little sleep, I maintain energy.

Four little eyes, two different shades of blue
Seeing the world as if it’s brand new.

“Give me kisses,” one says, puckering strawberry lips.
The other reaches up tiny hands to be carried on the hip.

“Go faster!” one shouts as I push him in the swing.
The other giggles gleefully at his brother’s bravery.

It’s been two days since my last shower,
But they’ll have their bath every night on the hour.

Their bellies I’ll fill, sippy cups handed out,
And before I can eat they’ll be up and about.

My food will grow cold before my first bite.
Coffee reheated not once, but twice.

Are they worth it, with all the diapers, sleepless nights, stubborn cries?
Are they worth the disfigured body and the transformation of our lives?

The Master of Creation placed two Angels in my care.
Two masterpieces, none like them, so special, so rare.

It’s worth it, every sacrifice, every moment of pain,
To love these two boys more than words can explain.

One day they’ll outgrow my lap and my stories,
But they will always be my sweet little boys.








ROW80 Checkin: Sometimes its hard when Real Life and Writing don’t get along. It’s like oil and water – no matter how hard I try to combine them, it just doesn’t work. But I’m still pleased with how much I have gotten done this week! I’ve still been consistent with my goal of 1,000 words per day. If I miss a day, i double up the next (like today). Right now, my Fairtytale Reimagining story stands at just over 17,000 words out of a goal total of 75,000. I really like where its going, and absolutely love the characters!

2 thoughts on “A Poem about Motherhood

  1. I’m sure my precious Carrie can greatly identify with this. I can’t wait to show it to her. Thank you for writing it.

    1. I can only imagine Carrie is/was quite an unselfish, tender mother. Thanks for your comment! And I apologize for the late reply – I’m getting back into the swing of blogging after some unplanned time off. 😀

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