I Took a Shower While My Son Napped. Then I Heard Screams.

Natalie Cone | Encouraging and Empowering Women


Natalie Cone | Encouraging and Empowering Women

I had finally gotten Wesley to bed for a nap yesterday.

Judging by the depth of his slumber, I figured he would be out long enough for me to take a shower.

I had even decided to shave my legs using *squeal* shaving foam and actually taking my time!

I got everything prepared… shaving cream on the side of the tub, baby video monitor propped up within view and a towel nearby.

The shower was so warm and relaxing, I sighed the moment I stepped under the spray. I got right to my anticipated task of shaving. Normally, my shave is rushed, resulting in a few nicks and a couple of embarrassing missed spots. But this time, I was going to enjoy every foamy minute of it.

A half of a calf into it, I heard a sound that made me jump out of my skin. A loud, high-pitch screech that sounded like a hawk swooping in for the kill. I jerked open the curtain and watched the monitor, but Wesley was snoozing soundly.

What had I heard? Was there a giant mutant rat in the room? Was there something suspicious in the nursery that was coming through the baby monitor? Thoughts of the paranormal began filling my head.

I started shaving again. A couple of razor-swipes later, I heard it again. Louder, this time. I decided to rush through the rest of my shower and investigate, searching for the source.

Then it sounded again, three times in a row. Coincidentally at the same time that my razor ran across my skin.

You’ve got to be kidding me, I thought, as my heart slowed down to a normal pace.

I pulled the razor up my skin quickly. Sure enough, I’d found the source of the sound. It was nothing but a squeaky razor over my leg where the shaving foam had gotten a little thin. I guess it has been a while since I’ve shaved with foam. Apparently I’d forgotten what happens when the foam gets a little thin in places.