Cat Chronicles, Episode #5: Defiance

Natalie Cone | be the anomaly

Shadow never did appreciate the fact that she was rescued. It was two days before Halloween. She had a solid black soul… er, I mean fur…, when she crossed my path at just five weeks old.

Against all odds, I pulled over and rescued her.

I gave her a nice, warm home. Nice, delicious food. Nice, wet water (which she now demands that I warm up for her… But that’s another post.)

After sleeping on whatever surface was soft enough for her standards (usually smack in the middle of the dog’s blanket, much to his irritation), I decided she needed a bed of her own.



I went to the store and promised to let the boys help me decide.

There was a small, round bed that looked just her size. And it was cheap: that’s a plus. But no, the boys wanted something better. I guess it was pretty thin…

They chose a cush, luxurious bed with flexible sides for lounging in all of her odd positions. The boys were very enthusiastic about it. So I forked over the twenty bucks and left with the new bed.

I brought it home and opened the little packet of catnip that came as a bonus, and started to dump it out into the bed.

I hesitated, then decided to text my friend Heather, who is a cat whisperer if I’ve ever seen one.

What do I do with this stuff? I typed. Pour it out into the bed?

Oh no, don’t use the whole packet, she sent back. Take a little out and rub it into the middle of the bed. Then put the bed somewhere that she sleeps often. She’ll come to it.

I thought of the other generous gifts she’d rejected. Remember the scratching post you bought her? That fancy one? She won’t touch it. She still sharpens her claws on the side of the couch. 

Hm… I guess she likes the feel of her claws in the couch better. Give the bed a try. There’s a good chance she’ll love it.

The dog was currently occupying his bed, so I placed the cat bed on the couch cushion she seems to prefer. I called her over and patted her new bed.

She ignored me.

I picked her up and set her down next to it. She followed the scent of the catnip and sniffed the middle of the bed.

I held my breath.

She set one paw in. Then another.

I chewed my nails. Could this possibly be the one moment she finally accepts me?? I mean, not that it matters or anything…  Ahem.

She sniffed around a little more, then stepped back out, curled up on the couch cushion next to the bed, and fell asleep.

Ungrateful little…

For the next three days I set the bed in all of her favorite places, occasionally daring to actually set her in it. More than once, she took a nap directly beside it, I’m sure, to spite me.

I tried acting very enthusiastic about it.

“Ooooh, what a nice bed this is! Wanna come give it a try? It’s so soft. So very, very soft. Twenty bucks worth of fluff, right here. Come check it out!”

She was not enthusiastic in the least.

Now here it sits. Empty. I refuse to give up on it entirely.

Milo, on the other hand, is more than happy to sleep on his new bed he got for Christmas. (Just look how handsome and grateful he is, looking all picture perfect with his sweet little paws crossed, and his sweet little eyes…)

The defiance continues, however.

Last week I decided to spread a blanket over my pristine white quilt where she often sleeps. I had hoped it would protect our bed from her shedding.

I’ll give you ONE guess where she curled up to take a nap:



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