Changing Everything!! (And I hope you like it…)

Guys, I’ve got to be honest …

I love blogging. LOVE IT. But I’ve gotten caught up in the “write what people want to hear” and “post what drives traffic”, because while researching what makes a GOOD blog, the experts say I need to do all these things.

My brain while trying to do all the things the experts tell me to do.

So I did all the things … And you know what happened?? I lost my love for blogging. So the posts came to a screeching halt.

BUT, I’m ready to make a fresh start and blog the way I love to blog … like I’m talking with a friend (because to me, all my readers ARE MY FRIENDS and I love every one of you).

So, I’m breaking all the rules. Al the blog rules, anyway. This means you’ll be hearing a lot more from me. And this means it’ll be more real, more raw, and more … Well … Humorous than ever. Because, let’s be honest, every day Life is HYSTERICALLY funny. (Also … My system kept automatically capitalizing the word “Life”, so Imma leave it, because Life is worth capitalizing 🤗).

Coming soon are a few REAL things, like what I’m doing to lose these last stubborn 15 pounds, the time I sat on a scorpion last week, and what my cat has been up to (if you wonder why you should CARE about what my cat’s been up to, check out the past posts called Cat Chronicles. You won’t regret it.)

Also … I HAVE A PODCAST!!! It’s bite-sized nuggets of Biblical wisdom for kids of all ages, with episodes 8 minutes or less, where we live deep into Scripture with meaty substance you can really chew on for a while. My 8 year old and 5 year old boys are featured, and I have SO MANY fun things planned for it. Check it out on my home page where each episode will be available in the embedded player, OR you can click the player and be dropped right onto the podcast site, OR you can find it on your favorite podcast apps by searching The Simple Word.

I love you all.

2 thoughts on “Changing Everything!! (And I hope you like it…)

  1. Hi Natalie.

    I like the new concept. Write your passion and let the honesty attract an audience. Screw the Rules, I say.

    Jesus defied the conventional wisdom of the day and, as I recall, he drew some pretty big crowds. Follow your heart and at the end of the day, even if nothing goes the way you intended, you’ll still have your integrity.

    Keep on being You.


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