Snapshots of Joy through Life Lens

Life’s joys are often revealed to me in snapshots – an image etched into my memory that so accurately represent the best parts of my world. Such as …

Pushing Wesley and Caleb in their flying saucer swing, Caleb’s legs sticking straight out with his rubber boots on the wrong feet. His head is thrown back, face red and mouth wide open in breathless laughter at Wesley’s silliness.

Wesley’s little face with cornsilk hair and warmth in his eyes turned up to me as he throws his arms around me in a tight hug.


Kris’s sincerity and deep love as he looks at me and emphasizes how much he believes in me.

The sun rising slowly, light sliding through the window panes and gradually brightening, as if the sky is relishing the process of dawn.

Catching Wesley helping with his little brother’s shoes so they can go outside and explore together.


The sound of God’s voice as it pierces my heart through His word, in love and instruction. He tells me I am anointed. He tells me I have been enabled and equipped, and has asked that I put it to use in the exact way that He’s asked.

Caleb holding up his favorite Paw Patrol characters and asking in his little voice, “Mommy, will you play with me?”


The mounds of laundry piled into baskets, waiting to be folded, because I’ve been too busy playing with the boys to get it done.

Waking Wesley for school and trying to hold my melting heart together as I look at his angelic sleeping face, long lashes and pink cheeks.

The admiration, love and need in Kris’s eyes when he leans in to kiss me. Not a day goes by that he doesn’t wrap me up in a sweet embrace, telling me he loves me and kissing me in a way that makes me weak in the knees.


God’s constant “love notes” everywhere. Clovers. Blooms. A person’s smile. A hug. The color of the sky. A gentle rain. The song of birds. God’s love is absolutely everywhere.

And so, in snapshots through the macro lens of life, joy can be found.

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