Parting Ways with an Old Friend is Never Easy, Even When the Friend is an Unexpected One.

Natalie Cone | be the anomaly

Tonight, I parted ways with a dear old friend.

This friend has been with me for over ten years. I found her in a trash bag full of hand-me-down clothes given to us by a church member.

It was love at first sight.

Natalie Cone | be the anomaly

I immediately began sharing with her stories that I’d been wanting to put on paper for a very long time. She encouraged the creativity like a silent but steady muse.

A few years ago when she began to show her age, I put her back together using decorative tape.

But alas, the friendship was not meant to last.

Natalie Cone | be the anomaly

She began to age more and more.

Natalie Cone | be the anomaly

At long last, I have decided to retire her. She will go on the shelf with my other prized novels and rest, a constant and gentle reminder of how far I’ve come.

She’ll represent the hard work, tears, open heart, vulnerability and thick skin involved in the writing process. And she’ll cheer me on as I dive back into the page and fill line after line with fantastical characters and twisty plots.

I’ve adopted a new writing friend.

Natalie Cone | be the anomaly

(Hello, toes! What lovely polish you have…)

Created from old jeans and imagination, this writing friend will be a tough workhorse for the ideas brewing.

Natalie Cone | be the anomaly

Now, the page awaits.