The Invasion

My day starts early.

I’m up at 5 a.m., and I stumble to the coffee pot to prepare my morning fuel.

As the house fills with smells of coffee, I gather up my media, which includes an iPad with a keyboard, a journal, one or two books, and my Bible, and I carry them to the back deck.

I start with God. I love my Tony Evans app, Joyce Meyers videos, as well as a book by Sarah Mae that is *trying* to teach me to have a “Martha Home the Mary Way”, which is basically a God-approach to keeping a tidy house beginning with the soul.

Because let’s be honest. Only God is powerful enough to help me keep this house tidy.

My time in solitude is limited, however. Not that I’m complaining. Because the end of solitude marks the beginning of pure entertainment by two small people with their father’s personality.

It usually starts with a pee-competition in which the Entertainers urinate off the deck. Because, boys.

It’s always a competition. Always. Particularly involving bodily functions.

Next comes their chosen form of invasion. It always involves food of somekind, probably chocolate milk with muffins or Pop Tarts. This could be in combination with Legos.

This may or may not include rogue monkies.

Or it may involve saucer chairs and stuffed animals.

So. Many. Stuffed. ANIMALS.

It ALWAYS involves a hug first thing. So far, age 8 is not too big to give Mom sweet, warm hugs first thing in the morning. I hope that lasts for many more years. We talk. We imagine. We ask questions. We laugh. They turn their noses up at my coffee. I turn my nose up at their fumes. We enjoy the sun rising higher.

And then the day begins.

This time will pass quickly. I know this. Which is why invasions are welcome…

… particularly invasions by two small people with their father’s personality.

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